EGF Hand Serum

An innovative age-defying serum to intensely nourish, protect, and soften the skin on the hands. Formulated with a potent blend of effective ingredients including our proprietary Barley EGF, Niacinamide, Ceramide, and Hyaluronic Acid to deeply hydrate dry and cracked hands while helping to support skin barrier function and diminishing the appearance of hyperpigmentation. The non- greasy, gel-like texture absorbs quickly leaving hands immediately velvety soft and nourished.
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40ml / 1.35 fl. oz.

Nourish, protect, and rejuvenate dry and over washed hands.

The EGF Hand Serum is a potent hand care formula that instantly and intensely nourishes hands, leaving them silky and velvety smooth after each application. It was specifically designed to provide skin barrier protection and instant yet long lasting hydration to your hands.

The EGF Hand Serum has a silky gel-like texture that absorbs quickly, without leaving a sticky or greasy residue. The potent complex is enriched with our unique Barley EGF, helping protect hands by enhancing the skin barrier's ability to attract and retain moisture. Optimal moisture levels help keep skin looking dense and plump, making this innovative serum ideal for aging hands. The combination of Niacinamide, Ceramide, and Barley Seed Extract helps protect against environmental stressors and pollution, providing soothing and antioxidant benefits to the skin. Niacinamide also works to reduce the appearance of brown spots and even out hyperpigmentation to brighten skin and even skin tone. This quick-dry hand serum also features Hyaluronic Acid and Diglycerin to enhance moisture levels and hydrate hands, both immediately and over time.

The EGF Hand Serum is ideal for daily hand care, especially for dry, cracked, irritated, or overwashed hands. Show your hands some love and provide them with the nurturing care they deserve.

Features & Benefits

  • Boosts Hydration and Moisture Retention
  • Helps improve Skin Barrier Function
  • Reduces Visible Hyperpigmentation
  • Improved and Evens Skin Tone
  • Protects Against Environmental Stressors and Pollution
  • Visibly Smoother, Plumper, and Firmer Skin
  • Suitable for Sensitive Skin
  • Oil-Free, Fragrance-Free, Alcohol-Free, Paraban-Free, and Gluten-Free

Apply 1-3 pumps to your hands and massage into the palms and back of your hands until completely absorbed. Use as often as desired, especially after washing or using hand sanitizer. Apply generously in the evening to let the actives do their best work while you sleep.


Barley EGF – A moisture-binding and skin-rejuvenating signalling protein, and the first of its kind to be produced in plants by BIOEFFECT scientists. Barley EGF increases moisture binding capacities, reducing loss of moisture from the skin. Increased moisture levels help maintain skin thickness and appearance of density, reducing the depth of wrinkles. Barley EGF helps support the skin’s natural collagen production to visibly improve appearance of skin density and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Hyaluronic Acid – A vital substance naturally found in skin, critical for maintaining skin hydration. Known for its incredible capacity to attract and hold vast amounts of moisture.

Niacinamide – Also known as Vitamin B3. Visibly improves skin texture, evens skin tone, and reduces hyperpigmentation. Protects skin by helping improve skin barrier function.

Ceramide – Deeply hydrates skin and boosts moisture levels while improving skin barrier function. Protects against environmental aggressors including harsh weather and pollution.

Diglycerin – Powerful plant-based humectant that pulls moisture into the skin, helping skin stay hydrated and soft while improving skin barrier function.

Icelandic Water – Clean, soft, and pure, as it is geologically filtered through layers of inert volcanic lava. With a low concentration of hard minerals such as calcium and magnesium, making it incredibly gentle, soft, and kind to the skin.