What is the role of EGF?

What do growth factors do for skin?

What is EGF in skin care?

Is EGF good for skin?

What is the difference between BIOEFFECT EGF and other EGF?

Are growth factors the same thing as growth hormones?

Is BIOEFFECT EGF GMO? Where does the EGF come from?


Are BIOEFFECT products safe and suitable for all skin types?

Can I use BIOEFFECT EGF with my other skincare or makeup products?

Are BIOEFFECT products oil-free?

Does the Hydrating Cream contain coconut oil?

Are BIOEFFECT products organic?

Are BIOEFFECT products gluten-free?

Are BIOEFFECT products pregnancy safe?

Do BIOEFFECT products have an expiration date?

Is BIOEFFECT packaging recyclable?

Are BIOEFFECT products vegan?

Are BIOEFFECT products cruelty-free?


What is EGF Serum?

What does EGF Serum do?

How is BIOEFFECT EGF Serum used?

Is the BIOEFFECT EGF Serum moisturizing?

How does BIOEFFECT EGF Serum work on wrinkles?

If I use the BIOEFFECT EGF Serum at night, do I need to apply a night cream afterwards?

Can I apply the BIOEFFECT EGF Serum anywhere on my body?

I have eczema. Is the BIOEFFECT EGF Serum suitable for me?

Are there any preservatives in BIOEFFECT EGF Serum?

What is BIOEFFECT EGF Serum made from?

Are fragrances added to the BIOEFFECT EGF Serum?

Can I use BIOEFFECT EGF Serum during the day?

What is the difference between EGF Serum and EGF Day Serum? Do I need to use both?

What other products work best with the BIOEFFECT EGF Serum?

How long will the BIOEFFECT EGF Serum last?


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How do I sign-up for auto-delivery?

What will happen after I join auto-delivery?

How do I make changes, skip, or cancel my auto-delivery order?

How do I view my future deliveries?

What types of payments are accepted for auto-delivery?


What is Installments with Afterpay?

How do I use Installments with Afterpay?

Where can I use Installments with Afterpay?

Can I use Installments with Afterpay if I’m an international customer?

How does the payment schedule work?

When will my items be delivered if I use Installments with Afterpay?

What if I can’t pay an Afterpay installment?

What happens if I have a partial refund, and how does that affect my payments?

Where can I find out more about Afterpay?

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