EGF Eye Serum Now with a Value Refill
EGF Eye Serum Now with a Value Refill

EGF Eye Serum Now with a Value Refill

Introducing our bestselling and age defying EGF Eye Serum, now with a refill pod. Get your refillable eye care duo today – and save while you’re at it!

New refillable eye care duo.

The same advanced and effective eye care formula, our bestselling EGF Eye Serum, is now accompanied by an environmentally conscious refill system. The EGF Eye Serum, known for its exceptional anti-ageing benefits, can now be purchased with a convenient refill pod that locks easily into the EGF Eye Serum container. Simply pop the refill pod into the bottle and keep the amazing eye serum in your regimen, enjoying the benefits of a more efficient daily routine!

Read on to learn more about the refillable eye care duo and its amazing benefits.

What are the advanced benefits of EGF Eye Serum?

The featherlight and revitalising eye serum is specifically developed to target the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, crow’s feet, and crepiness in the delicate eye contour area. Formulated with a high concentration of our Barley EGF, Hyaluronic Acid, and pure Icelandic water to leave skin around the eyes looking firmer, smoother, plumper, and visibly hydrated. The innovative applicator features a cooling steel rollerball for soothing and depuffing benefits, while minimising the appearance of dark circles.

The potent and powerful eye-lift serum was awarded.

Double volume for 15% Savings.

The award-winning eye product now comes with a refill. The refillable duo features a full- sized EGF Eye Serum (6ml) and a convenient replacement pod (6ml). By purchasing the refillable duo, you save 15% compared to buying two separate EGF Eye Serums.

How to use EGF Eye Serum.

Remove the cap and press gently on the dispenser base to release product. The rollerball applicator effortlessly glides the featherlight serum onto skin below the eyes to deliver cooling and soothing benefits, reducing puffiness and signs of fatigue. Massage or tap the serum gently into skin with fingertips to ensure even penetration. Let the serum absorb before applying creams, sunscreen, or makeup.

We always recommend pairing the serum with the Imprinting Eye Mask, which is developed to maximise the benefits of the EGF Eye Serum while deeply hydrating skin.

How to use the refill mechanism.

Pull the white bottle out from the bottom of the outer container. Remove the cap from the refill pod and place it inside the original container. Push gently until you hear a ‘click’. Simple as that!


The EGF Eye Serum Refillable Duo is a game changer in the world of skincare. It is specifically designed for anyone seeking a targeted and truly effective solution for the delicate skin around their eyes. Its innovative formula, designed to tackle loss of firmness, drooping, or crepey eye lids, ensures that your skin receives the nourishment it deserves. This amazing duo also offers the convenient option to refill your product. With the option to refill, you never have to worry about running out of this must-have eye serum. And that’s not all: with a 15% discount, the serum + refill duo is perfect for those wanting to save while taking care of their skin.

Say goodbye to dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness – Try the EGF Eye Serum Refillable Duo and experience the difference today!


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