We're Seeing Double: The Two Sides Of Jadé Tunchy
We're Seeing Double: The Two Sides Of Jadé Tunchy

We're Seeing Double: The Two Sides Of Jadé Tunchy

Some might say Jadé Tuncdoruk, award-winning social star, lives a double life, one a carefully curated, luxurious lifestyle complete with luxury fashion brands and trips of a lifetime and the other an unfiltered and all-around hilarious snapshot of the ‘real’ Jadé Tunchy.

With two Instagram accounts depicting very different versions of this stunning model, come influencer, come comedian, we sat down with Jadé and discussed the ins and outs of her influencer life.

Like many, we LOVE how real you are, and the relatability of your second Instagram account makes us feel seen. How did it come about?

Thanks so much! I wanted to post more raw, funny content but I found I was holding back because I tend to have a specific aesthetic with my main page that I like to stick to. So, my second account was born!

You show the different sides of your personality on Instagram through these two accounts, but is there one side that is more ‘you’?

I don’t think so! That’s why I have the two accounts. I feel as though I’m pretty evenly split down the middle with my two “selves”. One is quite refined, loves fashion, creativity etc and the other is completely transparent, honest, raw and a bit of a class clown. 

What does it mean to you to have such a large following? Is there pressure that comes along with it?

I’ve definitely felt as though I have an obligation to speak about certain things and also keep certain things to myself. As the audience grows, so does the responsibility but the judgement grows as well. It’s hard to portray exactly who you are without people feeling as though they can comment on it, which I guess is just what comes with being in a position like this!

Do you identify with the term ‘influencer’? What did you grow up thinking you’d be doing as a career?

I guess the term does describe what we do in a sense, but I feel as though it comes with a big negative stigma. Sometimes I wish the title was different because it really doesn’t highlight the many different roles we play. When I was younger my dream was to be actress but as I got a little older, I wanted to work in fashion. I thought I’d be a stylist! I guess I kind of get to be a bit of both!

What’s your favourite thing about being a social media influencer, and what’s the worst?

My favourite thing about my job is that I get to do what I love every day. I’ve worked with so many brands I used to shop at and some that I couldn’t even afford at one point. So, to be able to not only have them in my closet but have the brand approach me, tell me they love me and want to work with me is just a dream come true.

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Find out more about Jadé’s life in isolation and the impact on her skincare routine in our latest blog, here.

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