Jadé Tunchy Reveals Her Go-To Products When Coping With Iso Skin
Jadé Tunchy Reveals Her Go-To Products When Coping With Iso Skin

Jadé Tunchy Reveals Her Go-To Products When Coping With Iso Skin

BIOEFFECT recently had the pleasure of partnering with Jadé Tuncdoruk, more commonly known as Jadé Tunchy, one of Australia’s most successful influencers. Multi-faceted in her success, Jadé won the People’s Choice Social Star of 2019 and has modelled for big-named brands including the likes of Dior.

Renowned for her flawless style and unfiltered approach to beauty, Jadé has never shied away from discussing real life concerns, including her problems with breakouts and unpredictable skin. We recently sat down with Jadé to discuss how she, and her skin, is coping with isolation. 

Hi! Thank you so much for your time! How is ‘iso’ treating you?

Pleasure! Thanks for having me. Isolation has definitely been interesting. It’s undoubtedly been a strange and at times, uncomfortable situation for everyone including myself. It’s nice that we’re able to see friends and family again.

Have you picked up any new hobbies or skills? (Tik Tok definitely counts!)

I’ve definitely been cooking more! I think creativity is a great way to channel energy during a time like this.

Has your skincare routine or ritual changed with more time at home? What products are you loving right now to treat yourself (and your skin)?

Not necessarily! I’m using all the same products I love. I really like the BIOEFFECT EGF serum. It’s a great way to pack in all the stuff my skin loves without overdoing it.

Can you tell us a bit about your relationship with BIOEFFECT, how it came about and which products have a permanent spot in your skincare routine?

Yes, I’m really excited about the partnership! I used to be a bit lazy with trying new skincare and used to just use whatever I had in the house already. I tried their products for about two months before we actually began working together to make sure that we were a right fit and I fell in love with the EGF serum. It’s definitely my favourite product of theirs!

We’re thrilled to be partnered with Jadé to share her BIOEFFECT experience and her unfiltered approach to beauty, which is perfectly suited to our pure and simplistic perspective to achieving healthier, hydrated, more youthful skin.

Find out more about Jadé’s life as an influencer as we reveal the ‘The Two Sides of Jadé Tunchy’ in our latest blog, here.

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